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Do you realize how much you’re on your phone throughout the day. Mindlessly scrolling through feeds and double-tapping on Instagram posts?

You don’t realize how much you’re attached to your phone until you try to put it down for a day.

Or how much time you’re really spending on social media until you delete the Facebook app and find yourself noticing just how much time everyone else around you is really on their phones.

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We are glued to technology and it’s becoming an increasing issue especially with our youth. I caught a snippet of an article stating the research behind screen time and how it’s creating moody children that are finding it harder and harder to pay attention.

I try getting my husband to understand how much we really need to cut back on the TV but as a child that grew up with the TV on all day everyday he has a hard time cutting the habit himself.

Breaks from the TV, the computer, and my phone are essential to my sanity and health.

There was a time a few years ago I took a good year off from social media and only used my phone as a phone. “Imagine that.” 😉

I came back and I got, “Wow where have you been?” responses to my posts. It was a very refreshing and eye opening experience for me.

It allowed me to connect back to myself, my needs, my own opinions and desires. Without outside influence and comparison creeping in and stealing my joy.

I found more time than I thought was possible and it’s helped me to see the true importance of time away from screens.

I know the science behind why children should be free from screen time and agree that children need nature based play and lots of it.

But I think we are missing the importance of nature and community without the screens as adults as well.

Of course I don’t completely escape from the internet and I very much appreciate the world at my fingertips. I especially appreciate the community of like minded woman I can find online that live miles apart from me and would of otherwise never of met.

I am all about sharing, uplifting, and growing through social media or else I wouldn’t be here now sharing my thoughts.

But with all good things there should also be great discretion and purposeful use behind it.

So if you find yourself glued to your screen and you want a bit more connection with your family. Put down the phone for an evening or even a weekend.

Take a chance, you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain. The insight alone is worth it!




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