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Can you believe that we are in the middle of March 2018 already!

So many times we start the year with grand ambitions and a plan that we’re sure we’ll implement and then time passes and we fizzle out a bit.

Days become long and tedious and we lose the momentum we once had.

You’re not alone if you’re feeling this energy in your days right now. If you feel like your goals are slipping from your grasps a bit and the juggling act we do as mothers is becoming a bit overwhelming.

I know I fall into this also, even when I feel like I’m doing so great, a day or two becomes much bigger than I had planned and them BAM…

  • Self-Care isn’t as prominent
  • Some goals have fallen to the wayside a bit too much
  • Exhaustion is getting the best of me day after day

When this comes about I have to push the reset button. I do this a few ways and I want to share one with you so that if you’re feeling out of sorts lately you can get back onto the track of your choosing and not the one that has seemed to take over. 

Simple Reset Formula:

  • Evaluate
    • Where am I at right now?
    • How have I been feeling physically, emotionally, and mentally lately?
    • What’s going great?
    • What do I need to change?
    • What could I use help with?
    • What can I release from my days or schedule?
    • What do I want to be able to write down at the end of the year when I revisit my accomplishments of 2018?
    • What are my goals right now for myself, my home, my family, my health, my relationships, etc?
    • How far off am I to accomplishing any of them?
  • Reevaluate
    • Am I holding on to a past goal because I feel obligated to do so?
    • Are there any goals I set at the beginning of the year that still fit or don’t fit at all?
    • What did I think I wanted and now know isn’t a great fit?
  • Purge
    • What needs to be let go of from my home, my relationships, my schedule, my goals, my habits, etc?
    • What can I delegate out so that it stays but isn’t my sole responsibility anymore?
    • What do I need to forgive myself for this year?
  • One Small Thing
    • With now knowing clearly where I’m at and where I want to go what is my first step to getting there?
    • How can I break this step down even farther?
    • How can I add this into my schedule in a way that will create the least resistance?

Take the time to write out your answers to these questions and gain some stability in what can seem like shaky ground.

I’ll be going through this same process and giving myself a bit of a reboot this month. I hope it helps you move forward with more clarity and ease!

All the best!

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