Self-Care Is Just a Fad

Motherhood, Self-Care, Uncategorized / Thursday, March 1st, 2018
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There is all this chatter about loving yourself and treating yourself better now a days.

We are bombarded with messages of putting ourselves first on the list and taking back our time as mothers.

All great ideas, but they’re usually set aside for more importune things like the massive to do list or the crying kids begging for our undivided attention.

It sounds good, this whole self-care thing and we may even wish we could but of course we don’t have that kind of time.

Deep down we might not even see it as all that important anyway so maybe later down the road.

Or when the kids are bigger.

Or when we have the money to do something more extravagant.

Then we’ll have time or then we’ll really enjoy it….

Always setting it till later and never asking ourselves what life would look like if we chose NOW. What would our days look like if we did make time for ourselves.

So what’s the big deal anyway??

Why self-care ? And certainly why in the middle of all the chaos should we make the time for ourselves?

When you think you can’t is when you need it the most!

When you feel overwhelmed with making the time, you have to let go, and allow the extras to topple to the ground.

When you wonder if life could really feel more full, depleting, or just flat out heavy – this is when you need self-care the most.

When you decide to put your care on the list it can be as simple as:

  • Asking for help
  • Saying no
  • Sitting out in nature
  • Running yourself a nice bath at the end of the night instead of folding the laundry pile.

When you choose yourself over the obligations you feel called to answer you are sending the universe a message that you want change! That your’re demanding things to get easier and more enjoyable.

You’re choosing something new and with that new you create a ripple effect throughout your whole life.

Things get easier, lighter, and better all together. You start to see things from a new perspective.

You start to appreciate yourself and know your worth!

You’re filling yourself up and making it clear that anything less in your experience just won’t be tolerated anymore.

And it shouldn’t! 



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