Is the “New Year – New You” all fluff?!

Self-Care / Friday, January 12th, 2018
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Do you find yourself getting wrapped up in the higher energy of change, resolutions, and intention setting of the New Year?

Many people try to ride this wave of energy in hopes that all their dreams for the year will come true. Yet often times the intense high and severe changes we want to make fizzle out and we’re left feeling defeated and like we’ve failed yet again.

Instead of meeting the new year with the masses in a mad dash to “fix” what’s wrong with us why don’t we try another way.

By approaching the energy of the New Year as a time to reflect and see what is really important to us, we’re more likely to create an amazing year that is also enjoyable in the process.

Coming from a place of honesty and transparency with many areas of our lives can help us uncover what’s most important to us right now. The power to appreciating our journey and loving our lives instead of trying to constantly fix something is found while looking within. By taking a deep dive into what needs to be seen most.

There is amazing power in approaching the New Year from this new perspective of what’s calling to be shifted. By asking ourself what wants to be birthed and created.

There is purpose in this approach as apposed to the doubt and lack that the energy of trying to fix oneself comes from.

Taking inventory of what is showing up for you right now from a birds eye view will really serve in this process.

Seeing what is, without judgment or our own inner dialogue playing out in what’s showing up is essential for creating the life you want to lead.

There’s not always something to be significantly changed in all life areas and that’s fine. I know so many high performance coaches that would argue against that. Stating that we can always be doing better- always striving for more.

To that I say, there is a season for striving and there is also a season for embracing and deepening that which is.

We will be exploring the deepening more in this discussion today.

If we take what our life looks from a rooftop view and we look down into our different life areas we can notice what pops out for us and what we would like to see more of.

For example:
Your relationship with your significant other:
Your home and how it makes you feel:
Your health: mentally, physically, and emotionally:
Your relationship with your children:
Your hobbies or the things that light you up and fill you up:

When you take a peek into your intimate relationship do you love the time you spend together? Are your conversations deep and meaningful? Do you feel supported and loved? Are you giving these things to your partner?

What’s here to be seen and explored? What do you want to deepen and thicken within this relationship this year?

If you think about your emotional health and you realize you’ve been hiding and crying at least once a week what needs to be healed here?

Do you need to seek out someone to talk to? Do you need to shift another area that is causing the pain and overwhelm here?

There are no wrong answers and no need to get worked up if things don’t look just as you wished. We all have those areas we could spend more time on or pay more attention to than we have been.

Now that you have a picture of what is and you get an idea of what you’d like to make more time for, you can then dive deeper into what you’d like to see evolve.

How could your relationship with your kids get even deeper? How can you show up in a more loving and accepting way for your little ones?

When you’re thinking about this process of diving into and reaching in to find what is calling to your innermost desires you may feel an energy rising. One that wants to emerge for you and your year ahead.

It’s in this energy that things start to shift and click into place.

You can start to feel the YES, that this energy is right for you. Things start to feel calmer, more supported, or more enriching to you.

It’s this energy that is amazing to work with throughout the year. It’s this energy that can keep you on track to diving deep within on those hard days. Helping you to remember what it is you desire to create.

Jot down the energy that wants to be felt this year and from this energy write out how each area of your life looks.

So if your energy is happy or playful or fulfilled use it and craft what your life looks like with that energy in play.

So your relationship with your husband for example would be more playful if _______.
Write out what you would do and how you would act toward each other in this new playful energy.

Your home would feel more happy if ______.
Write out what would be different about your home if it felt happy. The colors might be lighter, the flow might be simpler, etc.

With this written out and by taking the time to feel into the energy you want more of you can really start to see the life you desire.

I hope you take the time to journal through this process because there’s so much power in listening to what wants to show up for you and in blocking out what the world wants for you.

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