I’m Not That Kind Of Mom!

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“I’m so overwhelmed by all that I have to do – that I do nothing.”

This is what I hear from so many mamas and I get it!

I would look around my house and wonder what the point was, why I would put so much effort in and feel like I had accomplished nothing.

I was left exhausted, defeated, and I never felt like I was good enough. I didn’t reach the expectations I had for myself, I definitely wasn’t Pinterest worthy, and I really had no desire to be.

My husband showed me a picture of apples made into ladybugs, he shows me things like this all the time. Without hesitation I said, “I’m not that mom.” Without any hesitation his reply back was, “I know.”

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Should I of been hurt?

Was I being judged for not being a good enough, crafty enough, or a fun enough mom?

Was I summed up by what I don’t do?

By things that I won’t even waste my energy on THINKING about doing anymore let alone trying to do….

Things like crafts that take 30 minutes but get thrown away immediately after. I just don’t see the point.

Foods turned into animals, when I feel like peeling and cutting them is really enough.  Lets be real for a minute!

I found myself grasping for the answer, should I feel like this is a judgment?

Should I be different than I am right now?

Do I need to do more, be more, or try harder to be THAT mom?

The short answer, NO!

I’m told by my husband that I do a great job all the time. So I’m not the sum of all the pretty food plates never made in this house.

I did do an octopus out of hot-dogs once….

So in short:

We are not the sum of how many times we go to bed without a sink full of dishes, even though we may prefer to wake up to a clean kitchen.

We are not the sum of how closely we follow our weekly plan. The greatest moments are often times sporadic and without plan.

We are the sum of all the scattered moments that feel like we could hold on to them and embrace them forever.

All the times we’re told we’re loved, all the giggles, and high fives we’re given throughout our days.

We are the sum of ever hug we can steal and all the handholds we are aloud.

These are the things that we can happily measure ourselves against.

The times we allow ourselves to feel the wind blow against our skin and the back scratches we give to our children without worry of anything else in that moment.

The moments we are present and real. These are the moments in which we can measure ourselves with.

These moments make life worth living.

So I’m okay with with saying, “I’m not that mom!” And I hope you can be too!

With so much love!





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