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Housework, Motherhood, Self-Care, Simplify / Saturday, March 24th, 2018
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Let me be real for a few minutes.

When my world felt like chaos and I was completely overwhelmed by my home, responsibilities, and to do list…

10 minutes is all I could manage.

If I thought of doing more I didn’t do anything. Other times I set my timer for 5 minutes and called it good. It was more about having a small win, feeling like I had accomplished ANYTHING, and committing to a time frame that to my overloaded brain thought was doable.

I would read about doing an hour long cleaning session and the thought alone had me running for cover. Clean for a whole hour? Yeah Right!

Now a days that’s not really a scary thought but it took time to get there. The overwhelm didn’t just come on one day out of the blue it built and built. So it took some time for me to find a groove and feel like I have it together – most days.

My funk deepened when I would realized day after day that I couldn’t keep up. I beat myself up and I was full of resentment.

In retrospect I had too high of expectations for the season I was in and I didn’t ask for help, because somehow that meant I was a failure. But that’s how I felt anyway, every-time someone told me that they were out of clean clothes or I had to wash a dish by hand real fast because everything was piled high in the sink.

I felt like I was spiraling out of control and would never catch up.

I had so much to do but seen no point in continually putting in the effort and getting nowhere but I couldn’t go on like that forever. So I started to shift, and it was 10 minutes that got me slowly out of my funk.

I added daily must does, I got the kids to start doing chores around the house, I let go of my unrealistic expectations and the weight began to lift.

I found freedom in not putting everything on my shoulders anymore. I allowed myself to lower the bar that I was striving for.

Not because I wasn’t worthy or good enough but because it wasn’t really what I wanted for my life. I no longer needed outsider approval and I stopped comparing myself to what I thought I should be as a mother and homemaker.

If you’re at the place of overwhelm and you don’t even want to think about downloading another house cleaning checklist then this 10 Minutes to Sanity Guide is for you.

Because sometimes you need to get out of survival mode and you could care less about the house sparkling. Managing a home is much more about feeling good about yourself and having family life run smooth and less about what your guests think and whether or not you scrubbed the ceiling down this season.

I created  the 10 Minutes to Sanity Guide for all the moms that are tired of treading water and need permission to start where they are.

Download Your Free Guide Today & Break Free From Overwhelm:

You’ve Got This Mama!

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