Getting Hung Up On “Not Good Enough”

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This past week I got rid of two more bags of clothes and random items that I had been holding onto. Mainly as just in case items and those things that slip through the donation pile cracks time and time again.

My husband almost got me, as he was going through one of the bags and asking if I was really getting rid of my yarn I found myself wanting to look through it also.

To re-question my prior decisions and make sure I was making the right choice. I stopped myself and let him know that in that moment he wasn’t giving me the support I needed to be able to let go. I asked him to  put everything back in the bag and take it away.

I don’t need the extra party napkins and that yarn. I don’t want the gift bags anymore, they take up too much physical space as well as mental energy.

I’m releasing for the lightness. The room to move and breath without overwhelm.

If you’ve been following along in my newsletter with the April Declutter & Refresh then I hope you’ve been making real progress forward toward what you really want as well. Simplifying and taking out what is no longer loved, used, or needed is a great way to lighten the load of motherhood.

I could get hung up on the fact that I haven’t been decluttering enough. Or getting rid of ALL the things that could go. I could stop all together and give reason for quitting by saying that two bags doesn’t make a big enough difference.

But I refuse to let perfection win in my life.

I know that small steps forward are always better than staying still and circling around the same issues time and time again. Where we feel like we’re moving because we’re busy all day but really we’re just in a race with ourselves and getting nowhere fast.

We can get rid of the stalling and the maybe later mentality right now.

We can move forward with making our life as a mother so much simpler by releasing what no longer serves us in our life. And we can start today with lightening the load of stuff all around us and taking just 10 minutes to focus on one area and getting something accomplished.

Remember “something” wins over nothing every-time when it comes to getting out from under the overwhelm.

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