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Self-Care / Sunday, January 21st, 2018
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Do you ever get so caught up in the changes you want to make that you feel like you’re stuck?

Unsure which way to go, what to choose, where to focus your attention?

When I get like this I have to stop… realize that my head is spinning and nothing can get accomplished in this space.

Getting everything down onto paper helps a ton!

Brain dump anyone…

Writing without worrying about spelling or editing your thoughts is the best way to do this. Everything and anything finds the page.

Next revisiting your big vision is essential.

Did you set a clear vision on how you wanted to live out this year?

If so, now is the time to step back into that vision. Knowing what you want to create allows you to approach every new opportunity with clarity. You will know with greater ease whether or not something aligns with that which you want to create in your life.

If you haven’t figured out what your big vision is for this year or what you’re really wanting to focus on now is a great time to do so! This clarity helps ease the overwhelming moments of too much and gives you a space to center and find calm.

I have a blog that can help you find your vision here. 

Once you have clarity and vision for what you want to lean into and experience you can take an honest look at your brain dump. Right off the bat you might have some things jotted down that now have no space in your life.

They just don’t match up to your vision and that is perfect! Weeding out what doesn’t align is essential for picking out and discerning what should get your time and energy.

We only have so much room in our lives to fit things in and when we know what fits and what doesn’t we can shift what needs to be shifted to better serve our energy and our desires moving forward.

No longer are you caught off guard wondering if you should say yes or no to an invitation or opportunity from friends or family because you have a greater picture of what you want your life to look like.

What kind of energy your trying to foster and create is amazing information to have and utilize moving forward. Saying no is no longer a struggle because it’s coming from a place of love for yourself and your family.

Some of the things on your list might be trickier, they may be something you want to make time for but just can’t right now. Instead of trying to squeeze everything in right now put it aside and know you will revisit it in a few months or so.

The seasons we are in as mothers change so fast. What has no room right now but lots of desire can be held onto and created later.

Sometimes we are in a mad dash to do all the things. There is space for the items that we need to make space for and there will be space in the future as our lives open up and take shape over time for those items that need to wait.

It’s finding happiness in knowing you have time to create what you want in the future, that our desires can be put aside and still have importance, that they are safe waiting just a bit.

It’s almost like we can give ourselves permission to say later – I’ll get to that later and I’ll be okay.

At the moment I really want to pick up my youngest preschool curriculum for this coming fall, but now is not the best time. I know that it will be there to purchase later. As much as I would love to get my happy mail and go through everything that’s new and fresh it can wait and everything will be okay in waiting.

As much as I would love to plan out our vacation for this summer I also have other things that need to come first. I’m not going to throw out the idea of our vacation but I am going to put it aside and know that when I can I will get to that too.

There will always be several things that come up and pull for our attention and look shiny and fabulous but having a clear vision of what you want allows you to say no, yes, or not right now with calm and clarity.





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