Break FREE From Overwhelm: 5 minutes at a time

Housework, Motherhood, Self-Care / Thursday, January 18th, 2018
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When you’re running in a complete state of overwhelm every task seems gigantic, everything has a sense of urgency attached to it, and it can be hard to get anything done at all.

Getting everything done is just unrealistic and settling on just one task or even two seems like a waste of time.

I know this place all to intimately and have been face to face with this overwhelming place of, “So much to do… but what to do first.”

I find myself questioning, what is important enough to get my attention but won’t make me feel like a total failure when I fall short in every other way.

As unsexy as it may sound, start right now where you are, and take 5 minutes.

What can you do or start on for just 5 minutes? If your house is a disaster, the laundry piled high along with an overflowing sink full of dishes then this is where you start.

In that 5 minutes you can focus on the counter tops, the kitchen table, or picking up the living room floor. I used to set a timer and spend 5 to 10 minutes in the main rooms of the house when I was living in perpetual overwhelm.

You really can get a great amount done and have something to show for when you spend just a few minutes speed cleaning.

You could also take that 10 minutes and use that time as your – getting things in motion time.

FUN TIP: Make it a game with the kids to see who can pick up their toys the fastest and get going.

Lets imagine we set our timer for 10 minutes and we’re on a mad dash to get the most accomplished that we can.

Ready Set Go: 

Load of laundry in the washer: 

Took one minute

Dishes washed off and put in the dishwasher: 

Took six minutes

Living room picked up: (rally the kids for this one and see how fast you can grab everyone’s things) 

Took three minutes

I was able to get all that done right now in my 10 minutes and type my times in to give you an idea of how long each item may take you.  

With a sick kid and a busy week my house has paid the toll

and it shows quite a bit.

This is about progress not perfection. So I was NOT making sure every item was finding its exact spot but rather just worried about getting it out of the living room. I didn’t worry about color sorting my laundry because honestly I rarely do. The dishes got washed off and put in the dishwasher and it will be ran later in the evening when the rest of the cups are finished with for the day.

How nice it is to have a cleaner living area and to know in about an hour and a half I’ll have a load of clothes done and put away.

It’s little strides forward that make the difference, we don’t need perfection to be happy.

It’s that need to get it all done that’s stealing your joy.

Start where you are, with what most needs to be done right now and allow the rest to fall away. Don’t let overwhelm steal your joy and don’t allow your Grand Vision steal away your forward momentum. 





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