I’m Not That Kind Of Mom!

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“I’m so overwhelmed by all that I have to do – that I do nothing.” This is what I hear from so many mamas and I get it! I would look around my house and wonder what the point was, why I would put so much effort in and feel like I had accomplished nothing. […]

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Getting Hung Up On “Not Good Enough”

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This past week I got rid of two more bags of clothes and random items that I had been holding onto. Mainly as just in case items and those things that slip through the donation pile cracks time and time again. My husband almost got me, as he was going through one of the bags […]

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Simple Reset Formula

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Can you believe that we are in the middle of March 2018 already! So many times we start the year with grand ambitions and a plan that we’re sure we’ll implement and then time passes and we fizzle out a bit. Days become long and tedious and we lose the momentum we once had. You’re not […]

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Unplug & Be Free

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Do you realize how much you’re on your phone throughout the day. Mindlessly scrolling through feeds and double-tapping on Instagram posts? You don’t realize how much you’re attached to your phone until you try to put it down for a day. Or how much time you’re really spending on social media until you delete the […]

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Is the “New Year – New You” all fluff?!


Do you find yourself getting wrapped up in the higher energy of change, resolutions, and intention setting of the New Year? Many people try to ride this wave of energy in hopes that all their dreams for the year will come true. Yet often times the intense high and severe changes we want to make […]

January 12, 2018

A Mother’s Intuition


When I was little we used to go over my Uncle’s house almost every weekend. One night after leaving late we approached a red light along side an 18 wheeler carrying bales of hay. As soon as I seen it from the back seat of my dad’s double cab pickup I knew that the hay […]

January 6, 2018