Are You Truly Living?

Motherhood, Self-Care, Simplifying, Uncategorized / Monday, June 11th, 2018
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Don’t ask yourself what the world needs, ask yourself what makes you come alive. And then go and do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.

Howard Washington Thurman

I was watching my youngest play the other day. She was doing one of her favorite things, making delicious pies and soups with “dirt” as her main ingredient.

She brought all here items to the top of the steps on our deck and created her masterpiece without a care in the world. She was 100% present and in the moment.

When we’re children we don’t have to try and be IN the thing we’re doing.

We dive in head first into whatever project we feel like doing and we give it all we’ve got until we’re satisfied and ready for the next thing to completely entrench ourselves into.

Somewhere along the line we start asking what we want to do and we question why we would want to do it.

  • Will it bring real happiness?
  • Could we make it profitable?
  • Will it benefit those around us?

Anything from the new hobby we’re thinking about doing to our weekend plans.

We kill off any joy we could be having by just diving in and being present when we question ourselves too much.

There is an amazing lesson we can learn by watching young children.

Be present in whatever calls to you and stop when you’ve had enough.

Quite simply it doesn’t have to be a big fiasco that we ended what we decided to start. It can be amazing giving one thing your all without worry of results or long term benefits.

Sometimes a moment is that perfect opening to just BE…

  • To be still
  • To move
  • To dance
  • To sing
  • To knit
  • To paint
  • To read
  • To drive


Whatever calls, go with it, and while you’re in it enjoy it! Stop the mental chatter if it’s driving you crazy. Allow yourself to get messy and to make a mess. They can be cleaned up. Things can be made fresh and new again.

Not just physical messes either. At times we’re called to get deep and create an emotional mess and that’s okay too.

Dig, dive, and embrace the creation you are called to make in the moment you’re called to create it.

Your soul is wanting an experience without strings attached and without the paperwork to back it up.

Allow yourself to live more today and everyday.



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