This is me and my crew enjoying the warm summer day. We love being outdoors and I'd much prefer us being outside than in.

My oldest is 9 years old and he likes being in charge. He needs his space, loves to be the boss, and is a bit of a goof. My oldest daughter is 7 going on 17. She is my most sensitive child and needs a bit of extra TLC from time to time. "Don't we all!"

My youngest son is large and in charge, he likes to be hands on, and while he comes across as shy in the beginning he is a beautiful spirit that loves adventure. He is 5 and moving into Kindergarten this coming Fall. Last but not least is my 3 year old happy child! She is light, upbeat, and a breath of fresh air. She loves to dance and sing and I'm sure she will bring laughter as she grows into an amazing lady.

Honesty moment!

This is the first professional picture we've done in years. I'm not as on top of this as I'd like to be. I'm that mom that loves the quirky pictures, the ones were personality shines though, and all the realness of the day is plastered for all to see.

I don't see a bad picture, I see real life, and that - I love!

I'm also not one to take a million pictures. Enjoying the time and moment is a ton more important to me then snapping a photo. As I build up this site and share our lives a bit more I will try to grab some shots as we experience our days. It'll be an added bonus - the accountability.

This was our first day of school this year! As a past homeschooling mom it was a transition to have them go to public. Not a transition for them so much. They've really thrived so far but as for me... It was a process.

Part of motherhood is taking each season and each new year with fresh eyes.

What fit our family in years past wasn't a good fit moving forward. I do miss lessons and planning out our curriculum! "I'm a planning nerd!" But the kids are happy and our family dynamics are much better now.

This is my husband and I before getting some time to ourselves for a date. As you can see he doesn't really like getting his picture taken. 😉

We've been married for 10 years and our journey has built us up while at times trying to tear us down. We are stronger and a better couple because of it.

He is amazingly supportive and hard working. He's our rock and we love him!

If you've made it this far lets get into some fun facts shall we!

  • Cappuccino Frappuccino kinda girl
  • Pisces through and through
  • Nature feeds my soul
  • Honesty is very important to me
  • I have impromptu dance parties in my kitchen... by myself
  • Love a new journal and planner... LOVE
  • Always learning and growing
  • My eyebrows have a mind of their own - so does my hair color
  • Practical and down to earth
  • Love smushed faced dogs 😉

My Mission:

Inspire and uplift moms to simplify their lives. Releasing what no longer serves them and isn’t authentic to who they really are. Which allows for more joy, peace, and purpose. - And always appreciating the little things along the way. 

So happy you're here!

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