A Mother’s Intuition

Motherhood / Saturday, January 6th, 2018
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When I was little we used to go over my Uncle’s house almost every weekend. One night after leaving late we approached a red light along side an 18 wheeler carrying bales of hay.

As soon as I seen it from the back seat of my dad’s double cab pickup I knew that the hay was going to fall on us.

I kept quiet, not really sure why I felt that way. What a strange hit of information that was. Probably just my imagination you know, a child’s mind is very imaginative.

Almost immediately after coming to our stop next to the truck the straps holding down the hay bales snap and the piles come crashing down upon us.

I don’t remember us having to stay long after the hay bales fell and as we kept on our way and returned home I told my dad I knew that the hay was going to fall on us.

Making our left turn he questions back, “Well why didn’t you say anything?” While I know it was a bit of a joke for him asking me that. I wondered, why didn’t I say anything.

That was my first clear moment of not trusting or not even knowing how to trust my intuition.

My intuition has gotten stronger as I’ve appreciated it and used it over the years. I don’t question my intuitive hits as much and I do usually follow my own knowing and guidance.

If I get a feeling about my kids now, I run with it. I may take extra precautions or cancel our plans all together depending on what we’re doing.
That trusting has saved me from several moments that I would never want to experience with my kids.

From drownings, to being in the same parking lot that a murder took place, to being kidnapped myself.

Following your own nudges in motherhood is a learning process and a deep dive into personal trust.

There are plenty of moments that we live out our days without amazing intuition leading the way in our motherhood. We get out of bed playing out the same routines as always and living our lives on autopilot.

Which is very normal by the way.

If we had to give thought to every activity of our lives our brain would shut down and nothing would get accomplished. So for that I’m glad my drives around town are pretty much unconscious, as is loading the laundry, and vacuuming the house.

Not much thought, just getting it done and probably thinking a mile a minute in the process. “Am I the only one that can’t turn off the internal chatter without deep concentration?!”

If you want to be able to live in a place of more flow and more ease, a part of that is listening in on your knowing and starting to act on those nudges that say, “hey, this isn’t the best day to go to the beach.” “That friend isn’t the best influence.”

Following our inner knowing reflects back to us all the weight that we’re carrying that we shouldn’t be.

So be ready to get all the yeses and all the shoulds thrown your way. To have the deep conversations in your life and question how your choosing to live it.

Are you taking on too much? Are you putting off things you know you should just tackle head on?

If your flooded with overwhelm anywhere from everyday to several times a month you need to start listening to your gut and get moving in another direction.

Your family will thank you and your days will start to feel lighter and more fun.

It’s what happens when we learn to dance with our intuition.




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