5 Simple Self-Care Tips For The Busy Mom

Motherhood, Self-Care / Wednesday, January 10th, 2018
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In the warmer weather months I love to sit out on my porch and soak up the sun.

I love to take it all in; the sun on my face warming me through, the breeze across my skin, and the birds talking above me.

It all feeds my soul and makes any bad moment in my day instantly better.

I do take quite a few mommy moments throughout my days and if it’s nice outside I’ll be out there in an instant taking it all in.

Now that the the weather has changed and we’re living in below freezing temperatures I don’t enjoy being outdoors as much. It’s still beautiful and I will take in all the fresh air I can get while I’m out there but I’m not soaking up any sun, that’s for sure.

So a mommy moment in the winter looks like:

  • Hot tea on the coach wrapped up in my comfy blanket.
  • Sometimes it’s me doing my makeup and hair even though I’m staying in.
    More often than not I’m all natural but sometimes self care looks like foundation and mascara.

Other times it’s literally shutting the door behind me

and diving into the things that light me up.

  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Oracle cards
  • Learning something new

If I need a creative outlet and the satisfaction of getting something done with my hands I’ll crochet.

It’s almost always chunky yarn because I need to see the fruit of my labors to continue on. Which I’m sure doesn’t make me the normal crocheter and I’m okay with that. 😉

I also make sure my mood stays right throughout the winter months by taking vitamin D and making it out into the freezing cold pretty regularly just to breath deep and connect with nature, even for just a minute.

Nature is my life line, if I spend too much time indoors my mood goes to crap.

It’s always easier to keep happiness going throughout the winter rather than dig it out of the darkness the winter months can bring.

So what are some self care practices you can squeeze into the winter months?

I’ve come up some ideas for you and some questions you can ask yourself to get the ideas flowing.

Taking even a few minutes through the day to nurture yourself and take a beat will have a lasting ripple effect on the type of mother you are. As well as the woman you shows up as in the lives of those who matter most to you.


First lets get those ideas flowing shall we:

  • If you had 30 minutes everyday of free time to do whatever you wanted without worry for errands or chores what would you fill your time with?

At first you might think of things that have been on the list for a while and you feel a need to check off. Lets dig farther and think past the list. What would those 30 minutes look like for you.

  • What did you do as a creative outlet before having your babies?
  • What have you always wanted to learn how to do, create, or get better at?

If the ideas feel too big to fit into your moments then let’s start small and simple. There is always a second you can choose for yourself.

It’s just about choosing to make yourself a priority and feeling really good about that decision not guilty.

5 Simple Self-Care Tips For The Busy Mom:

1 Give yourself a facial mask.

This is simple and takes only a few seconds to smear on. Plus you can go about your business while it’s on.

2 If there’s a book you want to read but the time seems elusive download the audio and play it while you’re getting the housework done.

3 Focus on your breath; so often we are breathing shallow.

In an instant we can bring attention to our breath and feel connected with our body again. It brings about a feeling of calm and can really center you in the midst of chaos.

4 Buy yourself some flowers and place them on the counter or your kitchen table.

It’s such a small thing but you don’t need to wait to be treated with flowers.

Go a step farther and buy a plant, unless you’re like me and will kill it within days. In that case stick with the flowers. 🙂

5 Do your hair.

I’m guilty of the mom bun and constant pony but sometimes self-care calls for feeling good and being a bit more put together.

I really hope these ideas help you fit in a moment or two of self-care. You deserve it and it doesn’t have to be too big or too fancy. Little things throughout your days really add up!

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